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Glossy Swiftlet Collocalia esculenta

Described by: Linnaeus (1758)
Alternate common name(s): White-bellied Swiftlet, Beavan's Swiftlet, Gray-rumped Swiftlet, Grey-rumped Swiftlet, Philippine Swiftlet
Old scientific name(s): Aerodramus esculenta


Frasers Hill, Malaysia - 2002 © Paul Huang  Mambucal, Negros, Philippines - Feb, 2007 © Leif Gabrielsen 
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Malay Peninsula, Greater Sundas, Lesser Sundas, Philippines, Sulawesi, Moluccas and New Guinea to Vanuatu;
Fragmented island distribution;
(1) Andaman and Nicobar Is.
(2) Mergui Archipelago off Burma.
(3) S. Thailand, s. Burma, e. Sumatra, Belitung Is. and lowlands of Borneo.
(4) Nias Is. off w. Sumatra.
(5) Batu Is. and Mentawai Is. off w. Sumatra.
(6) Christmas Is.
(7) Calayan, Camiguin Norte, Babuyan, Claro and Fuga.
(8) Luzon.
(9) S. Luzon, Mindoro, Masbate, Cebu, Bohol and Palawan.
(10) Mindanao (Mt. Apo), Mindoro and Sulu Archipelago.
(11) N. Moluccas.
(12) Talasea and Talaud Is., Sangihe, Siau and n. Sulawesi.
(13) S. Sulawesi, s. Moluccas, Banggai and Sula Is.
(14) Salayar, Bonerate, Tamahjampea and Kalao Is.
(15) W. Lesser Sundas on Sumbawa, Flores, Sumba Is. and Besar.
(16) Alor, Sawu, Wetar, Kisar, Romang, Damar and Tanimbar Is.
(17) E. Lesser Sundas on Roti, Dao, Semau, Timor and Jaco Is.
(18) Waigeo Is.
(19) High mountains of w. New Guinea.
(20) Numfor Is.
(21) Lowlands of New Guinea and w. Papuan Is.
(22) Louisiade Archipelago (Misima and Rossel Is.).
(23) Admiralty Is. (Manus, Rambutyo, Nauna and Los Negros).
(24) Bismarck Archipelago (New Ireland, New Hanover and Dyaul).
(25) Bismarck Archipelago (Lihir Group and Tatu Is.).
(26) Bismarck Archipelago (Nissan and Green).
(27) Bismarck Archipelago (New Britain and Witu) and Solomon Is. (Bougainville).
(28) Ne. and c. Solomon Is.
(29) Se. Solomon Is. (San Cristobal).
(30) S. Solomon Is. (Rennell Is.).
(31) Vanuatu (Santa Cruz, Torres and Banks Group).
(32) New Caledonia and Loyalty Group.
Birds on Salayar Is. and Tanimbar have not yet been assigned a race.
Birds that winter in the ex. ne. of Australia (n. Queensland, ex. n. Cape York Peninsula) may be this species;


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Clements, James F. Birds of the World: A Checklist. Vista, CA: Ibis Publishing Company, 2000.


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